GP Training


Our practice has been established as a training practice for many years and is committed to education and training of many health care professionals including doctors and medical students.  Each year we have one or two GP registrars (a fully qualified doctor with at least three years’ hospital experience) working with us.  Registrars work under supervision in general practice for one year before starting out on their own.

MEDICAL STUDENTS-  Birmingham University Medical School

We are a Teaching Practice for the University of Birmingham Medical School and a Nurse Training Practice for the University of Wolverhampton.

Final (5th year) year medical students, also known as student doctors, are based at the surgery for attachments of up to two months. 1st to 4th year medical students come to the practice at intervals from late June/July to March.

You may be asked see our more senior medical student(s) first before seeing the doctor. You may be asked to allow our more junior medical students to be present as observers with the doctor during your consultation.

Student Nurses may be present during your consultation with our practice nurse.


As a training aid, doctors use videotape consultations to assess their performance.  You may be asked if it is acceptable to you that your consultation is videotaped.  If you agree you will be asked to sign a consent form.  If you are not happy about being videoed ask for the camera to be switched off at any time.  Physical examinations will be performed off camera, although the sound recording will remain on.  The tapes are used for training purposes only.  Confidentiality is always maintained; the videotapes are stored in a secure place and erased after viewing