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The following Terms of Reference were agreed by the PRG members

Terms of Reference

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19th May 2019click here
Meeting Dates
Meeting Minutes
Wednesday 15th February 2017click here
Wednesday 29th March 2017click here
Wednesday 24th May 2017click here
Wednesday 20th September 2017click here
Wednesday 15th November 2017click here
Wednesday 17th January 2018click here
Wednesday 16th May 2018click here
Wednesday 18th July 2018click here
Wednesday 19th September 2018click here
Wednesday 21st November 2018click here
Wednesday 16th January 2019click here
Wednesday 20th March 2019click here
Wednesday 22nd May 2019click here
Wednesday 17th July 2019click here
Wednesday 18th September 2019click here
Wednesday 2nd February 2022click here
Wednesday 18th May 2022click here

Our PRG minutes from 2012-2016 have been archived. If you would like to view any minutes from these dates, please contact the surgery and ask to speak to Lorraine Stewart, Locality Manager.